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Human Resources Solutions

Our personality test was created taking into account the most recent studies in the field of behavioral sciences. It is a tool for recruitment, management and optimization of HR. Our tool allows to assess the personality of people as individuals or as team players.

Our test takes into account the Behavioral Inhibiting System. Its activation is the cause of a lot of suffering at work (burn-out, depression, psychosomatic diseases, ...). Our system also takes into account a broader stance (hemispheric specificity) in the process and analysis of information and also incorporates emotional intelligence.

It is both a personality and a recruitment test. We identify for this purpose 46 criteria in order to establish an individual and personalized picture. Our tool combines the European and American model. The European model determines the mental and relational strategies (professional motivations), while the latter enables everyone to succeed if they are strategic enough to identify the right resources (brain logic).

Recruitment Profile

It is an ideal recruitment support tool that will enable you to objectively identify undetectable motives during a job interview.

You also have the possibility to define the desired personality you are looking for and we will then model it accordingly. Depending on the candidates' results, you will know which one is closest fit to what you are looking for.

Our tool will allow you:

  • Better pre-selection of candidates
  • Time saving
  • More effective interviews
  • Decision support

We also offer a real-time body language analysis service during your job interviews. Our team is trained in non-verbal behavioral analysis and are experts in non-verbal communication.

If you are interested please get in touch with us via : contact@profilhumain.com

Team Profile

Thanks to our team management tool:

  • You will get an accurate team profile (global vision, trend, etc.)
  • You will visualize the strengths and areas of improvement of a group
  • You will detect compatibilities and complementarities amongst profiles
  • You will improve team interactions
  • You will optimize collective and individual performance
  • You will be able to analyze and forecast several team configurations
  • You can anticipate risks and manage conflicts
  • Global Profile: you will be able to know how your employees are perceived by their team, their self-perception how they really are in order to compare the three pictures and adjust.

The most successful teams are made of rational and interested professionals, loyal and compliant people and also personalities who want to strengthen communication. It's the right proportion of these three types of professionals that creates an effective team.

Individual Profile

Thanks to our individual management tool

  • You can run your annual assessments in order to optimize career orientation or to visualize your employees’ evolution.
  • When you need to hire someone with a particular profile, test your candidates (internally and / or externally) to find the profile that is closest to the profile that you are looking for.
  • You will optimize profile / function matches (career optimization).
  • You will be able to know your employees are made for the jobs they are in.