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We offer an expert tool combined with a quick, complete and easy solution for human resources evaluation. Our tool allows you to assess the personality of individuals alone or in a team. Our personality test was created taking into account the most recent studies in the behavioral science fields.

Our tool measures as well cognitive, conative and relational skills. It takes into consideration this triple skills analysis of the individuals’ reality, therefore it can be regarded as a personality and recruitment test.

We identify for this purpose 46 criteria in order to establish an individual and personalized picture. Our tool combines the European and American model. The European model determines the mental and relational strategies (professional motivations), while the latter enables everyone to succeed if they are strategic enough to identify the right resources (brain logic).


Our Methods

On-line access (in French and English) is given to your candidates or employees. Once the test is finalized they are provided with a high level profile description.

A complete and detailed analytical report is provided to you.

For Human Resource management purposes a personalized follow-up can be set up on request with debriefing by individual, team or department.

Our Solutions